Step by Step Moving Guide

truck-41091__180Moving is very stressful, but if you plan everything beforehand, your day will likely go smooth. Here are some tips to get you started:

Contact sheet

The first thing is to find a local, reliable moving company. Ask for recommendations of moving companies in Bakersfield from people you know, and make a contact sheet of each one. Write down the company contact details, references, their years of experience, and whether they hire insured employees. Will the company handle the move itself (via its own workers), or will it use a subcontractor? If so, ask for their contact details and references too.

The estimate of the various Bakersfield moving companies is very important, so pay special attention. Some companies will only do it online, whereas other moving companies in Bakersfield provide an in-home estimate as well, so decide which is more convenient to you and make a note. Set a date for the in-home quote and keep copies of it on hand. Pay attention to what is included in the estimate; some Bakersfield moving companies offer no-obligation quotes, while others are binding (in that they give you a guaranteed price). Finally, discuss with the staff carrying out the estimate what might bring about additional charges to the initial quote, and make a list.

Moreover, screen Bakersfield moving companies and any subcontractors at the Better Business Bureau, and via their Department of Transportation (DOT) license number. You can confirm a company’s license and check whether there are any complaints regarding it at, the consumer protection site set up by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

One to two months in advance, check your homeowners or renters insurance for the type of coverage provided during your move.

Changing address

After short-listing local and cross country moving companies in Bakersfield, it’s time to make a checklist of all the people who will need to know about your move; these include friends, family, the school the kids go to, your employer; newspaper subscriptions; telephone, Internet and cable services, utilities (gas, electric); insurance company, bank; doctor, veterinarian, etc. Notify them 4 weeks before the move date.

Moving timeline and home inventory

A week-by-week timeline will keep you on track and will take the stress out of your moving experience.

As much as 8 weeks earlier, you will need a room-by-room home inventory to make sure you won’t leave anything behind. When the day comes, you can show this checklist to the staff of one of your Bakersfield moving companies and ask them to do a final sweep of your old place.

Also 8 weeks in advance, design your own moving labels or print them out to keep your boxes organized; this way, the movers will know right away which boxes require special handling. Also label what room the boxes will be going in.

Two weeks before, out of the list of moving companies in Bakersfield call your chosen company again to confirm the date and time.

On the big day, make sure everything is ready before the movers arrive.

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