Find Out Every Hidden Fee Or Stipulation When Hiring A Moving Company And Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

transportation-1495618__180Bakersfield moving companies are numerous and this is a great advantage because everyone will find a company that will suit their needs and budget. The Bakersfield moving companies come in a large range of prices, the fees vary and everyone will find one that will suit their possibilities. However, there are a few rules concerning these moving companies that you should take into consideration if you don’t want unpleasant surprises when you will receive the bill.

It is important to know from the start how much it will cost you

All the professional Bakersfield moving companies have their prices displayed on their websites, but these aren’t always reflecting the real price that the company is going to tax you. The fees usually depend on the state of your property, if they have to pack or everything is already organized, on the number of boxed you have, how many big objects you want to move, the distance between the two houses, how easy it is to access the properties and so on. Therefore, after you choose one of the most trustworthy Bakersfield moving companies, you should ask for an on-site estimate. An employee will come at your house and will assess your situation. He can give you a detailed list of the costs, each service with its fee. If you want the estimate to be as accurate as possible, you should show the estimator all the items you need packed and transported. Don’t forget about the basement, the closets, your backyard and every other place where you have things you want to take with you in your new home.

Find out if there are extra charges

You might receive and estimate, but this sometimes isn’t the final price as well. There can be extra fees for moving certain objects that are bigger or heavier and we shouldn’t forget about the packing and of course, unpacking fees and about the price of the packing materials. You might think that if you choose from the best Bakersfield moving companies, they will do everything, including unpacking. Many Bakersfield moving companies have an extra fee for this and if you want the team to unpack everything you shouldn’t forget to ask about it. Also, consider the packing materials, some Bakersfield moving companies include just a certain about of materials in the standard price and if exceeded you will have to pay for each centimeter of packaging material they use.

What will happen if they lose or damage one of your items?

This is a very serious matter all the Bakersfield moving companies which are serious and respect their clients are guarantying a reimbursement if something happens with your possessions. Don’t forget about this aspect and you should be very clear about your requests if there is an accident with your belongings. Whether they lost something, they dropped a box and damaged a few of your fragile items, or they are involved in a car accident while transporting your things, they have to take total responsibility.